「[Noukatsu] BRAIN ACTIVATION 」It is an application program that peels off and strengthens , brain.
The photograph will be gradually changed in ten seconds.
Dopamine is discharged, and the brain is activated in the brain momentarily at the time of understood where has changed.

Please choose the photograph of a favorite girl and push the START button.
It is possible to try even times how many until the change is understood.
When ANSWER is pushed, the answer is understood.




The classic historical simulation Romance of the Three Kingdoms has come to the iPhone and iPod touch!
RTK Touch is a tactical simulation game based on the people and events from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history (2nd & 3rd centuries AD). Fight against the heroes of legend and unite all of China under your banner.


1. Simple-but-engrossing gameplay
The traditional RTK experience has been revamped with all new maps, new features, and intuitive new touch controls. Outwit the opposition with the clever tactics of officers like Zhuge Liang, or mercilessly crush your enemies with the raw power of Lu Bu. The fate of ancient China is in your hands!

2. The mighty heroes of old, reborn
Build your forces from among a grand total of 255 characters, each with unique abilities. Play through a total of 5 scenarios: 4 historical ones, and 1 imaginary one in which the mightiest heroes of China cross the pages of history to struggle for domination.

3. Strategy that's fun for everyone
With a helpful tutorial and extensive glossary and hint features included, even the most inexperienced warrior will be conquering in no time. Fans of the series and newcomers alike will feel right at home with the smooth, intuitive touch interface optimized for the iPhone/iPod touch.

How to play:
Eliminate all rival forces to win. The game ends in defeat if the player's force is wiped out.
During the strategy phase each city gets one turn per month in which to carry out administrative and military actions.
During the battle phase each unit gets one turn per day in which to move or attack. Battles end after 30 days.

*The Japanese version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch is intended for Japanese speakers.
*The English version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch is intended for English speakers.

Japanese History by CG vol.01, A castle and the fight of the age of civil strife

Japanese History by CG vol.01, A castle and the fight of the age of civil strife

The Age of Civil Wars in Japan was reproduced by CG.

Caution:This book is Japanese.


bio hazard 5 for beginners

bio hazard
As for 'Biohazard 4' and 'Biohazard 4 for beginners', contents only as for differ the way to buy the scenario as for two application programs are the same.

- To the iPod touch user
As for this work, data DL of each story is needed. The Wi-Fi environment of play with iPod touch is indispensable to data DL.

The customer who buys 'Biohazard 4' must already taken care not to buy it.

'Biohazard 4 for beginners' is the one developed for the customer from whom the biohazard series is played for the first time.
1)It is possible to buy it by dividing the scenario of each chapter.
- Please buy the scenario sequentially.
- When all scenarios are bought, 'Biohazard 4' is a profitable price.
2)Chapter 0 was added.
The stage was added considering it to master the operation even in the beginner while playing.
3)The correction function of aim was applied.
The correction function of aim was installed for the customer with a difficult aim of the enemy.
- It is freely ..ON/OFF.. revokable.
4)A variegated difficulty setting was prepared.
The difficulty was set to five stages so that even the beginner might play easily.
5)It easily challenges 'Coin shot'. The shooting can be easily practiced.
6)'History' was added.
To understand the outlook on the world, the person who played the biohazard for the first time also added the history.
7)Add-on store
An additional scenario etc. can be bought. Let's use 'Leon automatic operation recovery' by the person who cannot clear.

【 price 】
Scenario packing 1 (3?4 Chapter)   115 yen scenario packing 2 (5?6 Chapter)   230 yen scenario packing 3 (7?8 Chapter)   230 yen scenario packing 4 (9?10 Chapter)   230 yen scenario packing 5 (11?12 Chapter)  230 yen and Leon physical strength automatic operation recovery 115 yen
- Chapter 0-2 is included in the main body game price.

【 feature 】
- An operation intuition is enabled. "Behind camera"
It changes from a past fixed camera angle into "Behind camera" to always follow back of the player.
It comes to be able to play by an aspect near the character or more, an overwhelming tension arises, and the action is possible knowing by intuition in the movement and the combat.

- The target is aimed at by the pinpoint. "Sniping"
It is possible to shoot it by turning the muzzle to an arbitrary place when attacking it and aiming.
As a result, a strategic attack according to the situation can be done as falling down etc. aiming at enemy's foot.
The aim of the firearm is an intuition operation only of doing the point with a virtual pad on the screen.

- It develops with one button variegated. "Action icon"
The player can draw out a variegated action with one button besides a basic operation like the movement and the attack, etc.
"Action icon" is developed and the character develops various actions corresponding to the situation by touching. The enemy can be kicked, it jump down from the height, and play be produced freely depending on the player as [hashigo] is put up.


hells village

hells village

The devildom finally appeared to iPhone ・・・.
Become knight Arthur of the legend and young knight Lancelot and knock down the crowd of the demon.

It appears in graphic for which a complete new work of the timeless masterpiece action 'Manitou field village' to boast of 4.4 million series totals made the best use of the function of iPhone to its maximum.
Challenge the devildom by a double hero of the first series.

- Stage *
Various demons wait in varied geographical features.
Confront guards with a huge devildom that will be concealed oneself at the distant future and waited for.

- Character feature *
The offensive power of arms high and durability are high.
The discharge successively performance of arms high and trampling down action are possible.

- Arms and magic *
Let's use it properly by a variety of arms [gawo] situations and our easiness to treat.
It comes to be able to practice strong magic by installing a reinforced armor.
The magic that can be practiced with arms will be different.

- Customizing *
'The number of remainder machines ∞' The function that becomes help of clearness in various effects such as various 'Reinforced set' and 'Support set' can be bought.
- Each detailed content checks 'CUSTOMIZE' of the menu panel.


Japanese Food Street

Japanese Food Street

Welcome to Food Street. Here you will find the world’s most delicious and delectable recipes that will open up a whole new world of great food to you. You can browse recipes by category: Main Dishes, Soups, Desserts, New Tips, Take Notes and Pictures, and many more.

Japanese food is as refined as any of the great cuisines of the world, but alongside the elegant fare are the humble bowl of rice and the heritage of simple country cooking. The traditional Japanese diet is no doubt one of the healthiest in the world. Tofu, Sushi, Steak and Soba are now recognized by many people outside Japan due to their taste and luscious flavor.


NAMCO GAMES PORTAL free download!


NAMCO GAMES PORTAL is a collection of famous NAMCO hits in 1 mammoth value-packed application.

Includes Lite versions of 5 popular NAMCO games. Games included will be continuously added and updated.
Supports Facebook. Upload user comments for your favorite games.

【Game Collection】

・Ace Combat Xi:Skies of Incursion Lite
・Galaga REMIX Lite
・Dig Dug REMIX Lite
・Time Crisis Strike Lite